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I take the field to be the NBA Live Mobile Coins. I know that winning the game is a lot better than losing this game, because I've had some of the longest nights of my life after these losses. I'm going to do everything I can to make sure it's a win."Brady didn't walk into the NFL with any kind of pedigree other than the fact that he was a Michigan product.

He had to fight at first just to stick on the Patriots' roster before he earned his shot at the starting job.When you look across sports at potential GOATs, including Jordan, Jim Brown and Wayne Gretzky, the others were phenoms who came in as can't-miss chosen ones.

Like LeBron James now, they experienced success at every level. Pro awesomeness felt like the natural progression.So how far Brady has come to be the awesome competitor he is now isn't a knock — it's another feather in his helmet.The numbersPeyton Manning and Brett Favre put up gaudy statistics during their careers. But Brady is catching up fast even though he was not asked to light it up for the Patriots early in his career. All six of his 30-plus TD pass seasons have come after age 30.Brady has climbed up to No. 4 on the all-time passing touchdowns list with 456.

He's third all time in career passer rating with his 97.2. He's also fourth in career passing yards with 61,582. But what's most amazing: He has played in more than two full seasons worth of playoff games — an NFL record 34. He reached 25-9 with the win in Super Bowl 51.That's where he's most prolific — his steadiness in standing out no matter who's in the.

New England offense with him."He understands what we wants to do and where to put his teammates. That's what makes him so great," Steelers linebacker Ryan Shazier told SN's Alex Marvez on Sirius XM NFL Radio last week. "They have a great understanding of their scheme and what they want to do each and every week. He's a accurate quarterback and super efficient. He's not going to beat himself — he's going to make you beat yourself. You can't beat that.

WATCH: Brady's top 10 plays of 2016The longevityIf anyone can appreciate not losing an edge late into a career, it's Brees. He knows that what Brady has done (and keeps doing) on the field pales in comparison his unprecedented story.

Tom is extremely disciplined," Brees said. "They see the end result on game day, but they don't see all that he does in the offseason and during the season to maintain his health, his body and his mechanics — things that make him a great player.

The overall preparation can be a Buy NBA 2K18 MT Coins grind throughout the season, yet each week he comes out and plays at very high level."Jordan walked away from the Bulls for the second time that counted at 35, before his cameo comeback with the Wizards.


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